Gaohan Miao

Grad Student 2015-2020

I was a graduate student (2015-2020) in the Subotnik group. My research focused on the theorectical description and simulation on non-adiabatic dynamics. I joined Bloomberg L.P. as a software engineer after graduation.

Nicole Bellonzi

Grad Student 2014-2019

Nicole received her B.S. in Chemistry from the University of California, Santa Cruz. There she worked with Professor Yat Li, studying enhancements to hematite nanowire arrays for use as photoanodes for water splitting. She joined the Subotnik group in 2014. Her research interests include methods for modeling nonadiabatic dynamics and their applications.

Wenjie Dou

Grad Student 2013-2018

Wenjie was a graduate student in Subotnik group, working on developing and/or implementing surface hopping and electronic friction to deal with nonadiabatic dynamics near metal surfaces. Now he is a postdoc with Prof. Rabani at Berkeley.

Amber Jain

Post-Doc 2015-2018

I was a postdoctoral researcher in the Subotnik group, broadly working on development of the surface hopping methodology and its extension to various venues. Particularly, I worked on including non-adiabatic effects in rate computation, benchmarking non-adiabatic methods for computing vibrational energy relaxation rates, and developing a modified highly efficient surface hopping algorithm. Currently, I am working as an assistant professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay.

Gregory Medders

Post-Doc 2015-2018

Greg was a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego where he worked with Francesco Paesani on the development of “first principles” methods for modeling vibrational spectra in condensed phases. As a postdoc in the Subotnik group, he studied the nonadiabatic dynamics of dual fluorescent molecules and implemented improved surface hopping algorithms in Q-Chem. He is currently a software engineer at Comcast.

Qi Ou

Grad Student 2011-2017

As a graduate student in Prof. Joseph Subotnik’s research group (2011-2017), my research focuses on electronic structure theory for nonadiabatic dynamics. Currently I am a postdoc in Prof. Emily Carter's research group at Princeton University. My research here focuses on the development and improvement of embedding theory.

Wenjun Ouyang

Grad Student 2012-2017

My Ph.D. research in the Subotnik's group (2012-2017) involved the understanding of surface hopping algorithms and their applications in condensed phase systems. I studied the entropic implication of traditional Tully-style surface hopping approaches. I also helped study the new flavors of surface hopping approach that treated a manifold of electronic states and applied the new approach to the study of electrochemistry. I have joined Susquehanna International Group, LLP as a quantitative developer.

Xinle Liu

Grad Student 2010-2015

Xinle was in Prof. Joseph Subotnik's group as a Ph.D. student working on excited state electronic structure during 2010-2015, she is now a C++ developer at J.P. Morgan.

Ethan Alguire

Grad Student 2010-2015

For my PhD research in the Subotnik group, I helped to develop new theoretical techniques for describing systems in which the nuclear dynamics and electronic structure are strongly coupled. This work included developing a new representation of diabatic electronic states, analytic forms for the coupling term between nuclear momentum and electronic state, and modelling charge separation in dye-sensitized solar cells. Currently I work as a developer at Schrodinger, Inc.

Kousik Samanta

Post-Doc 2012-2014

In Joe's group at UPenn (2012-2014), I was involved in a project to elucidate the photoinitiated dynamics in molecular system where multi-reference character is pronounced. At present, I'm working as an assistant professor at Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, India. My current research interests include development and application of theoretical and computational methods to study electron-atom/molecule scattering resonances, electronic structure, non-adiabatic effects and dynamics. Web: