Our Photos


The group in the very beginning. Left to right:
Brian Landry, Shervin Fatehi, Ethan Alguire, Xinle Liu, JES.


We asked BF to join...


Learning to fly!
From left to right (back): Razzi Abuissa, Martin Falk, Shervin Fatehi.
(front): JES, Xinle Liu, Brian Landry, Kousik Samanta, Ethan Alguire, Qi Ou.


Welcoming Abe to Philadelphia! From left to right:
JES, Andrew Petit, Qi Ou, Kousik Samanta, Abe Nitzan, Ethan Alguire, Wenjie Dou, Wenjun Ouyang, Xinle Liu.


Outside the anthropology museum. From left to right:
Wenjie Dou, Wenjun Ouyang, Amber Jain, Qi Ou, Nicole Bellonzi, Greg Medders, Ethan Alguire.


Amber's last day. From left to right:
JES, Tao Li, Gaohan Miao, Alec Coffman, Nicole Bellonzi, Wenjie Dou, Hung-Hsun Teh, Theta Chen, Amber Jain, Zuxin Jin


Nicole's Last Day .. Happy and Sad.
Yanze Wu, Junhan Chen, Theta Chen, Nicole Bellonzi, Zuxin Jin, Hung-Hsuan Teh, Alec Coffman, Zeyu Zhou, Gaohan Miao, Tao Li.


Eric Schelter takes home a CCI-Phase 1!
JES, Jessica Anna, Eric Schelter.


Zuxin and Tao's Last Day, with special guest Gaohan.
First Row: JES, Jenn Derosa, Gaohan Miao, Yanze Wu, Vishikh Athavale, Xuezhi Bian, Zeyu Zhou.
Second Row: Sam May, Alec Coffman, Hung-Hsuan Teh, Vale Cofer-Shabica, Theta Chen, Zuxin Jin, Junhan Chen, Tao Li, Tao Li's wife.

theta barbeque


Theta Got a Job!
First Row: Vale's wife, Yanze Wu, Zeyu Zhou, Henning Kirchberg, JES, Jenn Derosa.
Second Row: Bingyu Cui, Tian Qiu, Monosij Mondal, Junhan Chen, Xuezhi Bian, Vishikh Athavale, Hung-Hsuan Teh, Alec Coffman, Coraline Tao, Claudia Climent, Vale Cofer-Shabica and his baby, Theta Chen, Theta's wife.

hht dinner


Hung-Hsuan's Last Day. From left to right:
Tian Qiu, Vishikh Athavale, Junhan Chen, Xuezhi Bian, Yanze Wu, Alok Kumar, Hung-Hsuan Teh, Coraline Tao, Suraj Chandran, Jenn Derosa, Claudia Climent, Vale Cofer-Shabica, Xinchun Wu, Zeyu Zhou, JES and his kids.

yanze defense


Yanze's defense. First Row: Jenn Derosa, Vale Cofer-Shabica, JES, Yanze Wu, Mansi Bhati, Titouan Duston, Xuezhi Bian.
Second Row: Junhan Chen, Alok Kumar, Vishikh Athavale, Tian Qiu, Claudia Climent, Xinchun Wu.