Hsing-Ta (Theta) Chen

Post-Doc 2016-present

Personal website

Theta is a postdoc in the Subotnik group. He received a dual B.S. in Mathematics and Physics at National Taiwan University, and a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics in 2016 at Columbia Universtiy under the direction of David Reichman. He was a postdoc fellow at The Sackler Center, Tel Aviv University, and a visiting postdoc at Stanford University. His works focus on developing approximate and numerically exact methods as well as analyzing the applicability of these methods for simulating energy and electron transfer dynamics in condensed phase systems. He is currently broadening the scope of his research to quantum dynamics in a variety of physical settings.

Vale Cofer-Shabica

Post-Doc 2019-present

Personal website

Vale completed his PhD in Physical Chemistry with Richard Stratt at Brown University, where he developed a novel geometric perspective on small molecule reaction dynamics. He currently works on bridging quantum and classical descriptions of chemical phenomena in the condensed phase. Before joining the Subotnik group, Vale served as the Director of Education of the Banneker Institute at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Tian Qiu

Post-Doc 2020-present

Zuxin Jin

Grad Student 2015-present

After obtaining a B.S. in physics at Tsinghua University, China, I joined the Subotnik group in 2016. My current research is applying solid-state calculations to nonadiabatic dynamics at metal surfaces.

Tao Li

Grad Student 2016-present

I took my undergrad in Kuang Yaming Honors School of Nanjing University, China. Then I joined in Subotink group in 2017. My current research is about coupled photon-electron dynamics using semi-classical methods.

Alec Coffman

Grad Student 2016-present

I received my B.S. in Physics, Chemistry, and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona, and joined the Subotnik group in 2017. My current research interest is chemical dynamics, and more specifically, nonadiabatic dynamics of molecules near metal surfaces.

Hung-Hsuan Teh

Grad Student 2017-present

I received my B.S. and M.S. in chemistry from National Taiwan University. I joined the Subotnik group in 2017, and we currently focus on developing new electronic structure theory.

Zeyu Zhou

Grad Student 2017-present

Zeyu obtained his B.S. in chemistry from Zhejiang University before joining the Subotnik group in 2018. His current research interest is on describing dynamical process involving light.

Vishikh Athavale

Grad Student 2018-present

He received his B.Sc. from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore with a major in Chemistry and a minor in Physics. Since 2019 he has been a part of the Subotnik group, where his research focuses on electronic structre methods.

Junhan Chen

Grad Student 2018-present

I received my B.S. in chemistry at Peking University, China. I joined the Subotnik group in 2019 and my current research focuses on electronic structure calculations.

Yanze Wu

Grad Student 2018-present

After obtaining B.S. in chemistry at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Yanze joined the Subotnik group in 2019. His current research is about electronic-spin coupled nonadiabatic dynamics.

Xuezhi Bian

Grad Student 2019-present

Xuezhi received his B.S in chemistry at Wuhan University before joining Subotnik group in 2020. His current research interest focuses on non-adiabatic dynamics.

Jennifer Derosa

Grad Student 2020-present

I studied chemistry in undergrad at Cornell University and then joined the Subotnik research group in 2021.

Suraj C

Undergraduate 2018-present

I am an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania studying chemistry and mathematics.

Samuel May

Undergraduate 2018-present